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History of Pulaski County Ambulance District

In 1987 the people of Pulaski County voted in the Pulaski County Ambulance District. The former Pulaski County Memorial Hospital (PCMH), that had provided ambulance service since 1973, closed its doors forever. The closure of the county hospital also resulted in the loss of the Pulaski County ambulance service.

Pulaski County Ambulance District

Local physician Dr. Edward Jenkins, Nurse Candy Winkler, and local attorney Tyce Smith led a citizens group to petition the citizens to pass a tax and establish an ambulance district. The first board of directors was appointed. The founding board members were: Keith Pritchard, Larry Salveter, Floyd “Cotton” Barlow, Richard “Dick” Ernst, Floyd Mooney, and Darold Wieners. The board appointed Dr. Edward Jenkins as the district’s medical director, Tyce Smith as attorney, and Paramedic Gary Carmack as the administrator.

The original district voted in was Waynesville, St.Robert, Hooker (Devils Elbow area), Big Piney, Laquey, Swedeborg, and Crocker areas. To establish boundaries for ambulance district Missouri government often uses school districts to set the district. This included the Waynesville, Crocker, Swedeborg, and Laquey school districts. The cities of Dixon and Richland elected to maintain their own separate ambulance services.

Later, in 1994 the Breech Ambulance Service of Lebanon took their ambulance out of Richland because of financial concerns. The citizens then voted to place the Richland School District in the PCAD. The Richland School District goes into some of Camden and Laclede counties. This is why PCAD covers some parts of Camden and Laclede Counties. Currently, PCAD is the ambulance service for all of Pulaski County; except the Dixon School District, which remains Dixon Ambulance District, and Fort Leonard Wood. However, PCAD does provide mutual aid to both Dixon and Fort Leonard Wood. The district covers approximately 500 square miles.

The district originally responded out of a house in Waynesville and the old fire station in Crocker. As time went on PCAD rented the basement of the Senior Citizens Center in Waynesville. As years went by the district was able to build ambulance bases in Waynesville, Crocker, Richland, and recently in Laquey.

Pulaski County Ambulance District
Pulaski County Ambulance District