EMT-P Job Description



Job Description – EMT-P


      1. Definition: A demanding Health Care position with patient care and non-patient care

      related responsibilities.

      2. Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent. Current licensure as a Missouri

      State EMT-P. Must have a good driving record and maintain current ACLS certification.

      Responsible to:

    1. The Ambulance District Board of Directors.

    2. The Medical Director

    3. The Ambulance District Administrator

    4. Supervisors / Officers


Workers Supervised: EMT-B

Interrelationships: Must have a working relationship and good rapport with patients,

patients' families, peers, physicians, law enforcement agencies, general public and other hospital


    3. General Duties:

      a. Quickly assess the nature and extent of a patient's illness and / or injury and

      administer appropriate emergency care within the scope of the licensure and training capabilities of a

      Missouri State EMT-P.

      b. Responsible to operate ambulances in a sfe manner.

      c. Check the ambulances equipment at the beginning of the shift; keep an on-going

      inventory of equipment used during shift. Replace exchangeable items used.

      d. Report any equipment lost. broken, malfunctioning or not replaced during the

      shift. Ensure that equipment is in good working order.

      e. Maintain accurate and complete records of ambulance runs.

      f. Know and abide by the driving regulations of the District, State and local


      g. Demonstrate proficiency in operating an emergency vehicle and proper use of lights

      and sirens.

      h. Demonstrate proficiency in operating and maintaining all pieces of emergency

      equipment which you are licensed to use as a Missouri State EMT-P.

      i. Become familiar with the area served by the ambulance district.

      j. Respect and maintain the confidentiality of the patients' condition and of the

      medical record.

      k. Attend all meetings, conferences and participate in continuing education classed.

      l. Demonstrate proficiency in operating radios and radio communication.

      m. Adhere to the ambulance district dress code standards.

      n. Maintain good health and personal hygiene.

      o. Complete other duties as assigned by management.

      p. Follow Infectious Disease Policy and Exposure Control.

      q. Maintain ambulances and keep ambulance quarters in a clean, neat and orderly

      condition. Keep the ambulance bay clean and safe.

      r. Maintain accurate and complete charts, check list, log books, and drug records.

      4. Personal Requirements:

      a. Able to function well in a stressful situation.

      b. Demonstrate consideration, patience and tact in dealing with patients, families,

      and co-workers.

      c. Accept counseling openly and strive for improved performance.

      d. Listen to and follow instructions as given.

      5.Physical Requirements:

      muscular strength, coordination, and endurance needed for:

        a. Lifiting, moving, and restraining patients.

        b. Working in adverse weather conditions.

        c. Working long periods of time under stress.

        d. Working long periods of time in a standing postion.

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